The smartest way to raise capital.

Creating an ILO for your company is easier than you may think. Raise money faster, with the added benefit of amplified promotion and dedicated support.


What you need to be ILO ready

Do you have an explosive product, technology or service that can easily be promoted and shared by ILO holders? If you have the figures to demonstrate you’re ready, then we're ready and waiting to connect you with ILO buyers to skyrocket your sales.

It only takes a few minutes to list an ILO

Providing you have the figures ready, an ILO Quote only takes a few minutes. Once you submit your application, a listing agent will get in touch to guide you through the process to launch and sell your ILO on ILOCX. We offer extensive support for all aspects of your ILO campaign.

From creation to promotion, we have dedicated platforms and teams that provide you with tools to ensure your success.

As soon as your ILO is launched it will attract buyers from 144 countries and large institutions on ILOCX.

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An Example

Did you hear about Blackcircle Tires?

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Blackcircle Tires were flying off the shelves in the 5 outlets that sold them, but the company had a problem. They couldn’t bridge the cash gap to develop their range, or invest time in finding new outlets. So Blackcircle created an ILO. Their current tire buyers, already firm believers in the brand, bought them straight away as they were happy to support them. Then they shared both the opportunity and information about the tires with all their friends, family and followers.

Whilst awareness of the brand grew, Blackcircle used the money raised to grow their range, increase their distribution, and advertise to more customers. Their new products flew off the shelves as Blackcircle ILO holders had already directed thousands of new buyers to their site. They were even getting calls from new stockists after people had come in asking where they could find Blackcircle tires!

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Blackcircle were able to pay out substantial royalties the following year, and are now thinking of doing their next ILO round to support a whole new range and flagship store.
How it works

Launching your ILO

Once your ILO is ready to launch, there are many exciting stages to come. Our team will guide you each step of the way, as buyers qualify their ILOs and become your company's champions.

Year 1

Now Comes The Fun Bit

Watch your ILO campaign bring in capital and use it to expand your company and fund operations. See the number of eyeballs on your product grow as buyers qualify their ILOs, sharing your company's information with hundreds of friends, family and followers. Give ILO holders further opportunities to sell your product with referral codes and more.

Year 1
Year 2

Then We Give Back

Start giving back to your supporters each quarter with a pre-agreed percentage of royalties from Year 1’s gross sales. See your ILO holders become even stronger advocates, and watch awareness of your products grow further as customers share in your success, and share their success with others. Your customer base rises, revenue further increases, and the value of any subsequent ILO release is now tenfold.

Year 2

The top reasons to do an ILO

There are many reasons why your company might want to raise money. Here are our top reasons why an ILO is the smartest way for you to raise captial.

Revenue based form of raising capital

ILOs are a revenue-based form of bringing capital into your business. The ILO is tailored to your product and your business reach, the ILO unit price is calculated to optimize your revenue, and pay royalties to your buyers without putting undue pressure on your finances.

Access to the ILOCX userbase

Buyers from 144 countries along with institutional buyers are able to purchase your company ILOs via ILOCX at the push of a button. You receive funds on the sale of ILOs as they happen, not at the end of a crowdfunding campaign, and not contingent upon whether or not you reach your target. ILOs can be a significantly cheaper way to raise capital than normal equity capital raise.

Increase your sales and your profile

An ILO is dynamic; a buyer is required to market the company and its products, therefore directly contributing to the sales and success of the company. Your license holders become your champions, committed to selling your service or product, and promoting your company on your terms.

Transparent, easy to list and maintain

We provide all the tools you need to showcase your company and your ILOs on the website, including online application and easy, regular reporting on progress. Host up-to-date due diligence on the ILOCX site for anyone to access at your discretion.


As we have a broad range of listings on our platform, ILOCX encourages collaboration between companies to further their success. We foster an environment where people want to work together. Your listing agent will inform you if they identify any potential joint venture opportunities with new or existing listings. If you identify an opportunity, get in contact with your listing agent.

Competitive fees

Standard listing on the ILOCX takes only 1-2 weeks for a non-refundable application fee as follows: There is an annual listing fee of USD $25,000. This is due each year for the duration of the listing.